Alumni Spotlight: Aaron SantosAaron Santos was a student at the Gibraltar College from 2014-2016 and succesfully achieved his Edexcel AS/A2 Levels in ICT. He came to the College as consortium student from Bayside School, doing ICT delivered by the Gibraltar College.

Aaron is currently studying Politics and International Relations at Nottingham Trent University.

Politics is one of his main interests and he was heavily involved in the 'Gibraltar Stronger In Europe Campaign' meeting the then Foreign Secretary and now Chancellor of the Exchequeur Phillip Hammond. He was also part of a privileged group who met with former Prime Minister David Cameron at the Rock Hotel before he departed to the UK.

Basketball is another of his passions. He has represented Gibraltar at all levels internationally, and been part of the only team to ever win a gold medal and European championships.

My Time at the Gibraltar College

Alumni Spotlight: Aaron SantosHaving done well for ICT at GCSE level, I wanted to take the subject at A-level but there was a problem: Bayside School did not offer A-level ICT. Thankfully, I was able to do three of my A-levels at Bayside and ICT at the Gibraltar College.

I was very sceptical at first, because the talk of the College in Bayside was that the level of teaching at the College was not as good, that the students there were wasting their time and much more. How untrue this was became evident shortly after commencing ICT at the College.

I can confidently say that the standard of teaching was first class and I loved every single lesson of ICT. All my teachers gave their all so that all of my class could pass with the best grades possible. I felt that the teaching style at the College was completely different to Bayside.

Aaron Campaigning during BrexitAnother feature of the College that I absolutely loved was that ALL classes were mixed sex. Personally, having done my other three subjects at Bayside, I felt that coeducation was so much better as classes by and large would be a lot more civilised.

In summary, I had an amazing two years at the College and I am extremely grateful to all my teachers. If I had to do my A-levels all over again, I would do them ALL at the Gibraltar College.
Aaron Santos



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