Alumni Spotlight: Perry KellnerPerry Kellner was a student at the Gibraltar College from 2000-2002, and came to the College as a mature student.

During his time with us. Perry succesfully achieved various Level 2 awards, including:

  • GCSE English
  • GCSE Spanish
  • GCSE Mathematics
  • GCSE History
  • GNVQ in IT

Furthermore, he also achieved the following Level 3 award (equivalent to one A-level):

  • AVCE in ICT

Perry is currently a senior officer at the Borders and Coastguards agency.

Alumni Spotlight: Perry KellnerMy Time at the College
My name is Perry Kellner, I became an adult student at the Gibraltar College 2000–2002. I was in my early 30’s at the time and had a dead end job with no prospects or future and worse still no qualifications to talk about. After contacting GC they were ever so helpful and positive towards my possible enrolment, that I took the leap and left my job to study.

This proved to be the best move I ever made. I never had the support or guidance at Bayside comprehensive that I needed in my youth but GC staff and faculty gave me all that I needed, they were always there for me and never complained no matter how many times I asked.

In 2 years I was able to achieve what I thought could never happen, the equivalent of 8 GCSE’s (O-level) and an A-level in IT at an ‘A’ grade. Even though at the time GC could not provide tuition for History, they still allowed me to study by myself and take the GCSE exam in which I achieved a ‘B’ grade.

Now, I am happy to say I have a full career as Senior Borders and Coastguard officer.  I an extremely grateful for all those involved with GC and couldn’t ask for more, I would wholeheartedly advise any student to make use and benefit from this institution as many, many others as well as myself have benefitted.
Perry Kellner



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