Alumni Spotlight: Aaron LlufrioAaron Llufrio was a student at the Gibraltar College from September 2002 until July 2004.

During his time at the College Aaron successfully achieved a dual AVCE in ICT (equivalent to two A-levels) and A-level Spanish.

Aaron went on to study Website Development at Teeside University although, sadly, personal issues meant he was unable to complete his degree.

Aaron has run his own media design company, worked as a senior technician for an IT business, and is currently a Project Manager at Itek Design Studios.

Aaron is also an active gamer, and currently has his own XSV Gamer YouTube and XSV Gamer Mixer channels.

Alumni Spotlight: Aaron LlufrioMy Time at the College
One of the things I fondly remember from my time at the College which really took me by surprise, was the more personal and mature relationship I had with tutors as opposed to the more conventional approach.

I first set foot in the College as a mature student after having worked for around three years. I wasn't sure whether it was the right choice for me at the time, but I took the plunge! I went at it dreading the thought of going at it alone but quickly found it to feel almost like a home away from home. Two years later I walked away with my A-levels and a great many new friends, teachers and pupils alike, and a wealth of great, happy memories as well as an improved work ethic due to a demanding workload.

I really treasure my time at the Gibraltar College and, as far as I am concerned, it has been the most enjoyable learning experience I've had to date. I now work for a building contractor as Project Manager and have been an integral part in the renovation works at the St Bernards School conversion, the renovations at The Convent and more recently manning a team of sixteen specialist builders in Gibraltar's biggest development project to date. In my own time I repair hardware i.e Pc's, laptops and consoles for private clients as well as some local hardware retailers. I also spent three years as Senior Technician for The PC Clinic before switching to Project Management.
Mr Sampere - never forgotten
Thanks to the College for helping me achieve what I initially thought impossible and to the unforgettable staff! Kudos to 'Miss Hanglin' [Mrs Navas], for giving me another chance when I really thought I didnt deserve it! I won't ever forget this! Mr Guerrero, for being not only a great tutor in all things websites and networking but igniting my lost passion for all things multimedia which I thought near impossible. And, for being a great friend during and after my time at the College. The late Mr Sampere, a budding drummer, amazing guy with the biggest heart and a great teacher who always spared his time for anyone.

Thanks to the College and staff for a truly unforgettable experience.
Aaron Llufrio, Project Manager, Itek Design Studios/IDS




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