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The College’s Level 2 OCR Administration (Business Professional) class has recently been undertaking a number of hands-on practical tasks to bridge the gap between the learning taking place in class and the application of these skills in the business world.

They are currently working on a unit called ‘Organise a Business Event’ where they plan a fictitious event from start to finish. They first listed the requirements of the event and identified three possible venues in Gibraltar. They then prepared a site visit sheet detailing all the requirements and a comprehensive list of questions for them to ask the venue. Over the past week we have been out of the classroom visiting these venues. The Rock Hotel, the Sunborn and the John Mackintosh Hall were very welcoming and kindly showed our students around all their event spaces.

The students seemed to relish this opportunity to have a change of scenery and really took charge of the situation. They were very comprehensive in their questioning and made sure that every aspect of the event was discussed. As their class teacher, I was extremely impressed and proud of their professional conduct and behaviour whilst at these venues.



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