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Appeals Procedure Against Internally Assessed Marks

The Gibraltar College is committed to ensuring that members of staff mark candidates’ work fairly, consistently and in accordance with the regulations and awarding body’s specification and subject-specific associated documents.

Candidates’ work will be marked by staff who have appropriate knowledge, understanding and skill, and who have been trained in this activity. The Gibraltar College is committed to ensuring that work produced by candidates is authenticated in line with the requirements of the awarding body. Where a number of subject teachers are involved in marking candidates’ work, internal moderation and standardization will ensure consistency of marking.

If a candidate believes that this may not have happened in relation to his/her work, he/she may make use of this appeals procedure.

N.B: an appeal may only be made against the assessment process and not against the mark to be submitted to the awarding body

  1. Appeals should be made as early as possible in order to ensure that the internal appeals process is completed prior to the submission of centre marks to the awarding body.
  2. Appeals must be made in writing (using the internal appeals form)
  3. The head of centre will appoint a senior member of staff to conduct the investigation. The senior member of staff will not have had any involvement in the internal assessment process for that subject.
  4. The purpose of the appeal will be to decide whether the process used for the internal assessment conformed to the awarding body’s specification and subject-specific associated documents.
  5. The appellant will be informed in writing of the outcome of the appeal, including any relevant correspondence with the awarding body, and any changes made to internal assessment procedures.
  6. The outcome of the appeal will be made known to the head of centre and will be logged as a complaint. A written record will be kept and made available to the awarding body upon request. Should the appeal bring any irregularity in procedures to light, the awarding body will be informed.

After candidates’ work has been internally assessed, it is moderated by the awarding body to ensure consistency in marking between centres. The moderation may lead to mark changes. This process is outside the control of The Gibraltar College and is not covered by this procedure.

Appeals procedure against External Assessment Marks

Following the issue of results, the general qualification awarding bodies offer post-results services. Full details of these services, internal deadlines for requesting a service and fees charged are provided by the exams officer.

The service, enquiries about results (EARs), may be requested by centre staff or candidates (or their parents/carers). (EAR service 3 is not available to individual candidates).

Where a candidate is unhappy with the mark awarded for a particular exam unit, a clerical check, re-mark or re-moderation may be requested at the Admin Office.

The candidate will be advised that the outcome may result in the grade being confirmed, raised or lowered. The student will be responsible for paying the relevant fee at the time of the request. The Gibraltar College will support such an enquiry.  All relevant factors will be taken into account to be able to advise if the candidate should go ahead with the appeal.

On occasions, the Curriculum Co-ordinators may request a re-mark. It is still necessary to obtain the student’s written consent. In this instance the Gibraltar College will bear the cost of the re-mark.

Appeals procedure following the outcome of an enquiry about results

Where the head of centre remains dissatisfied after receiving the outcome of an EAR, an appeal will be made to the awarding body, following the guidance in the JCQ publications Post-results services http://www.jcq.org.uk/exams-office/post-results-services and A guide to the awarding bodies’ appeals processes http://www.jcq.org.uk/exams-office/appeals

Where the head of centre is satisfied after receiving the outcome of an EAR, but the internal candidate and/or their parent/carer is not satisfied, they may make a further representation to the head of centre. Following this, the head of centre’s decision as to whether to proceed with an appeal will be based upon the centre’s internal appeals arrangements.  Candidates or parents/carers are not permitted to make direct representations to an awarding body.

The internal appeals form should be completed and submitted to the centre within 10 calendar days of the notification of the outcome of the enquiry. Subject to the head of centre’s decision, this will allow the centre to process the appeal and submit to the awarding body within the required 14 calendar days. Awarding body fees which may be charged for the appeal must be paid by the appellant on submission of the internal appeals form. If the appeal is upheld by the awarding body, this fee will be refunded by the awarding body and repaid to the appellant by the centre.

The internal appeals form can be downloaded from the related documents below:

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