Our Students at the 2016 Award CeremonyThe Gibraltar College is committed to the pursuit of academic excellence in all its activities, to equality of opportunity for all students able to meet the academic requirements of its courses and to an inclusive approach to equality. It encourages and supports all sectors of the community by promoting an inclusive culture in which diversity is encouraged.


The College is committed to a policy and practice which require that:

Admission to the College and progression between courses is determined solely by the personal merits of the student, that is:

  • Academic ability;
  • Aptitude for the course;
  • Ability to meet its demands both physical and intellectual;
  • Performance during the course(s) and
  • Personal behaviour.
  • No person meeting the above requirements will be barred from access by reason of their gender, religion, politics, race, sexual orientation, marital state, or for any other reasons except when:
  • All the places available on the course have been filled;
  • Statutorily-imposed conditions (e.g. the provisions of the Children Act) preclude the acceptance of the applicant;
  • The person is considered too young to be admitted on to what is, essentially, post 16 education;
  • The student is unable to meet any additional requirements of the, validating body;
  • The student is unable to meet the costs of the course being undertaken.

If any student or applicant considers that he or she has been treated unfairly or inequitably on any of the above grounds in their application, admission or progression through the course or courses, he or she may make a complaint which will be dealt with through the agreed appeals procedure for complaints or grievances as detailed in the College Charter.

Some Staff at 2016 Awards CeremonyStaff

Subject to statutory provisions, to the provisions of the Government of Gibraltar Standing Orders for Civil Servants and to conditions of employment as negotiated from time to time with Unions and Associations holding negotiating rights, no person accepted on the staff or already on the staff, will be treated less favourably than another on the grounds of gender (including gender reassignment), marital or parental status, race, ethnic or national origin, colour, disability, sexual orientation, religion, age, membership of a trade union or of a political party. For staff the only criterion for admission and progression shall be the ability to perform the job to which appointed.

In all cases, no action of the College shall contravene the provisions of the Gibraltar Constitution Order (1969).


Good Practice

The College will take active steps to promote good practice. It will, as a matter of policy:

  • Promote equality of opportunity;
  • Promote good relations between people of different racial groups, between male and female students and between disabled and non-disabled people;
  • Promote the need to eliminate discrimination both within the College and in the Society it serves;
  • Subject this and all its other policies to a process of continuous re-appraisal to ensure that all its activities meet the requirements of the Gibraltar Constitution Order, (1969), any principal, dependent or subservient legislation and any other enactments and case law which may, from time to time, become operative and affect the provision of courses, the admission of students or the employment of staff;
  • Subject this and all its other policies to a process of continuous assessment in order to examine how the policies affect under-represented groups, especially ethnic or religious minority students and staff, women and disabled students and staff and to identify whether the policies help achieve equality of opportunity for all these groups or whether they have had no, or adverse, impact; monitor the recruitment and progress of students and the progress and development of staff to ensure absence of bias in favour of or against any person or group, however defined;
  • Promote an inclusive culture, good practice in teaching, learning and assessment and good management practice, through the development of codes of practice, policies and training; make known this policy to all interested parties, students, staff and parents.

Policy Development

The College commits itself to meet all statutory obligations under relevant local, United Kingdom or European Union legislation which may be enacted in the future and to apply relevant external legislation as required by the Awarding Bodies. The College is cognisant of the provisions of the:

  • Gibraltar Constitution Order (1969);
  • Education Ordinance;
  • Sex Discrimination Act (1975);
  • Race Relations Act (1976) and Race Relations (Amendment) Act (2000);
  • Disability Discrimination Act (1995) and amendments;
  • Human Rights Act (1998);
  • EU Equal Treatment Framework Directive (2000/78);
  • Special Educational Needs and Disability Act (2001).
  • Employment Equality Regulations (2003)
  • Data Protection Act (2004)

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