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Our Students at the 2016 Award CeremonyThe Gibraltar College is committed to the pursuit of academic excellence in all its activities, to equality of opportunity for all students able to meet the academic requirements of its courses and to an inclusive approach to equality. It encourages and supports all sectors of the community by promoting an inclusive culture in which diversity is encouraged.

Health & SafetyThis College is committed to the highest standard of excellence in teaching. The same commitment to excellence applies to the manner in which the College discharges its responsibilities for the health and safety of staff, students, visitors and all those who may be affected by College activities.

Policy This policy is reviewed annually to ensure compliance with current regulations.

Purpose of  the Policy for the Management of Controlled Assessments

This purpose of this policy is to:

  • identify staff responsibilities in planning and managing GCSE controlled assessments;

[Taken from JCQ GCSE controlled assessments - Outlining staff responsibilities (editable template)]

  • examine potential risks and issues relating to the implementation of controlled assessments for GCSE qualifications and how these might be managed and mitigated through forward planning and remedial actions.

[Taken from JCQ GCSE controlled assessments - Risk management process (editable template)]

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