College Policies

PolicyThese procedures are reviewed annually to ensure compliance with current regulations.

The Gibraltar College is committed to ensuring that the exams management and administration process is run effectively and efficiently. This exam policy will ensure that:

  • all aspects of the centre exam process is documented and other relevant exams-related policies, procedures and plans are signposted
  • the workforce is well informed and supported
  • all centre staff involved in the exams process clearly understand their roles and responsibilities
  • all exams and assessments are conducted in accordance with JCQ and awarding body regulations, guidance and instructions, thus ensuring that
  • exam candidates understand the exams process and what is expected of them.

PolicyWhat does this policy affect?

This policy affects the delivery of subjects of reformed GCE and GCSE qualifications which contain a component(s) of non-examination assessment.

“The regulator’s definition of an examination is very narrow and in effect any type of assessment that is not ‘externally set and taken by candidates at the same time under controlled conditions’ is classified as non-examination assessment (NEA).  ‘NEA’ therefore includes, but is not limited to, internal assessment.  Externally marked and/or externally set practical examinations taken at different times across centres are classified as ‘NEA’.”

[Definition taken directly from the JCQ publication Instructions for conducting non-examination assessmentsForeword, page 3]
This publication is further referred to in this policy as NEA

Policy This policy is reviewed annually to ensure compliance with current regulations.

Purpose of  the Policy for the Management of Controlled Assessments

This purpose of this policy is to:

  • identify staff responsibilities in planning and managing GCSE controlled assessments;

[Taken from JCQ GCSE controlled assessments - Outlining staff responsibilities (editable template)]

  • examine potential risks and issues relating to the implementation of controlled assessments for GCSE qualifications and how these might be managed and mitigated through forward planning and remedial actions.

[Taken from JCQ GCSE controlled assessments - Risk management process (editable template)]

Policy This policy is reviewed annually to ensure compliance with current regulations.

Procedures For Verifying The Identity Of All Candidates Sitting Examinations At Gibraltar College

Full-time students

Members of the senior management team will be responsible for ensuring that the identity of all students sitting examinations is verified.  These students may either be known to the team personally or taught by them.

In the event that a student’s identity cannot be verified by a member of the senior management team, other teachers will be summoned in order to verify.

Should it not be possible to verify the identity of a candidate, he/she will be asked to show documentary evidence to prove that he/she is the same person who entered/registered for the examination.  Acceptable forms of identification may include:

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