Read spotlight information and personal messages from the Coordinators and staff of some of our subject areas.

Introduction by Mr Fernando Gomez, Art & Technology Coordinator

Hello readers and welcome to the College Art & Technology department's section of our website.

The College offers Art and Technology qualifications across all Levels that cater for most learner needs and ability ranges. Some of these courses include work placement opportunities which allow learners to experience and apply the subject knowledge, skills and understanding gained in the classroom and/or workshops, into the local industrial sectors.

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Introduction by Mr Kevin Guerrero, IT Resources Coordinator

Greetings and welcome to the College IT department's little corner of our website.

The College offers IT subjects at a variety of levels, each with a different intended purpose, but with a progression route throughout a student's College journey in mind, and beyond. The courses we deliver take advantage of previous knowledge and qualifications that students may already have in IT, whilst ensuring that all course knowledge requirements are fully covered. This means that those progressing through from level 1 to level 3 will gain skills and knowledge to facilitate learning at the higher levels; and our fully-accredited A-level equivalent course will enable students to study relevant IT degrees in a Higher Education institution such as Computing and IT, Computer Science, Software Developments, Software Engineering, ICT and Computer Networks or Business Information Systems.

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