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Introduction by Mr Fernando Gomez, Art & Technology Coordinator

Hello readers and welcome to the College Art & Technology department's section of our website.

The College offers Art and Technology qualifications across all Levels that cater for most learner needs and ability ranges. Some of these courses include work placement opportunities which allow learners to experience and apply the subject knowledge, skills and understanding gained in the classroom and/or workshops, into the local industrial sectors.

Most practical courses follow a hands-on approach and try to provide learners with core craftsmanship skills and awareness when fabricating products and outcomes. In certain courses learners also have their creative thinking and problem-solving capabilities tested through ‘a design and make’ approach in practical scenarios.

Visual language is another important technique that learners need to acquire as it is a common transferrable skill widely utilised in most practical-based courses that we offer.

Some of these vocationally-related qualifications not only allow for natural progression routes within our curriculum framework, but also allow learners to follow domestic apprenticeship schemes and nursing career pathways within our employability sector.

Below, please find a diverse range of qualifications that the Art & Technology section offers across all curriculum Levels.


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