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Introduction by Mr Kevin Guerrero, IT Resources Coordinator and IT subject teacher

Greetings and welcome to the College IT department's little corner of our website.

The College offers IT subjects at a variety of levels, each with a different intended purpose, but with a progression route throughout a student's College journey in mind, and beyond. The courses we deliver take advantage of previous knowledge and qualifications that students may already have in IT, whilst ensuring that all course knowledge requirements are fully covered. This means that those progressing through from level 1 to level 3 will gain skills and knowledge to facilitate learning at the higher levels; and our fully-accredited A-level equivalent course will enable students to study relevant IT degrees in a Higher Education institution such as Computing and IT, Computer Science, Software Developments, Software Engineering, ICT and Computer Networks or Business Information Systems.

Our lower level courses are very hands on and practical. Whilst they do cover theoretical concepts such as computer security and data protection, they emphasize learning real-world applications and using IT to create business solutions.

Our level 2 CiDA course is the equivalent of a GCSE, and extremely hands-on and design oriented. Students will learn a variety of techniques such as:

  • Project management (time management, resources, keeping logs, testing)
  • Product design and storyboarding (designing a computer game; designing websites)
  • Creating and editing graphics, audio and video assets for products (e.g. creating graphics to use in a computer game; edit graphics for use on a website) using Adobe Photoshop and other multimedia editing software
  • Creating websites with WYSIWYG programs and basic HTML using Adobe Dreamweaver
  • Creating computer games using Game Maker Studio by YoYo Games
  • Creating promotional videos incorporating video, images and sounds
  • Click below to play a trailer created by Beto Goncalves, CiDA student, for the game he also created as part of his CiDA course:

Our level 3 Extended Certificate in IT gives students a fundamental underlying knowledge of a variety of IT concepts and issues. They will learn key concepts such as:

  • Cambridge Technical IT students attending a workshop on Cybersecurity from Kaelan and Lluis from GVC HoldingsComputer components and construction
  • Principles of IT, operating systems and networking
  • How information is used globally, including legislation and data protection
  • Cybersecurity
  • Learn about "The Internet of Everything" in the modern world
  • Developing IT products

This course is aimed at those who want to continue their education through applied learning and has a mixture of externally-assessed exams and assignments (in the second year), delivered by teachers who understand and are passionate about their subject areas, and employ a mixture of both traditional and modern teaching techniques, such as using CleverTouch screens, practical sessions (as pictured to the right), applications, and with extra support via social media such as Edmodo and Facebook groups.

The software we use in our subjects are aimed to provide both for the needs of the course, but also to facilitate student learning. We understand that sometimes the latest version may not be the best version for a learning environment; why add extra complexity if there will be little gain? But we also appreciate that high grades are good, but may not reflect real-world ability if your skills cannot be applied outside the classroom. Whilst most of our IT students further their education by moving up from level 1 to level 3 and higher education, we understand many will finish the year and seek employment - so we want to ensure that we arm you the best we can for your future once you leave us, whether that be higher education or employment.

Whatever entry point you take, we have your future in minds. Whether you simply want extra IT skills and knowledge, or a career in computing-related fields, our IT courses will serve you well in the future with practical, usable skills and knowledge that apply to modern life with computers, as well as to educational opportunities.

Sample Works by Students

Dont Mess With Super Wayne


Chair Race

Space Salvage Shooters

The Hidden Aurora

Look Left

Dead End

Maze to Victory

Mission Escape

Cyber Strife

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