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Welcome to the Languages Department section of the Gibraltar College website.

The College offers a range of Language qualifications across different levels to cater for a range of needs and abilities. We offer various English and Spanish courses for our full-time students as well as Arabic GCSE for native speakers. 

Adults can also study a range of Languages during our evening classes- please refer to the adult education section of the website for more information.

The study of a new Language can bring a multitude of benefits for the learner. For example, Foreign Language study fosters positive attitudes towards people who are different. International travel is made easier and far more enriching when one can understand the foreign language.  Furthermore, a range of skills are developed when a new language is studied, skills such as problem solving, analytical skills or memory improvement as well as becoming more creative!

Foreign languages exposes the learner to art, music, dance, fashion, cuisine, science, philosophy as well providing the learner with a distinct edge over other applicants in the job market.

Below please find the full range of courses and qualifications offered by the Languages Department across all curriculum levels:

English for Speakers of other languages:

At present we offer a basic course to learn English for students who are under 21. This course takes place during the day and is taught by Mr Joe Vinent.  There is no qualification attached to the course, the aim is simply to improve the learners understanding of English so that they may eventually access full-time courses.

Level 1 courses:

(AQA) Functional Skills English – Entry level 3

The course aims to develop Reading, Speaking and Writing skills. Learners will study a range of topics and will be expected to hold a formal and an informal discussion on the topics set by the examining board. In addition learners will have to pass a Reading and Writing exam in order to achieve the qualification.

(AQA) Functional Skills English- Level 1

The course is a natural progression from the Entry Level 3. Learners will study the topic of “Healthy Living” during the first term with the aim of having their Formal Discussion towards the end of the term. The second term will see students study the topic of “Social Media” in order to have their Informal discussion.  In addition, students will be developing a range of Reading and Writing skills which will equip them to pass their exams and achieve the overall qualification.

(Cambridge CIE) IGCSE English as a Second Language

IGCSE English is being offered typically to students who achieved at least an E grade in their previous GCSE English exam entry. The course is fully recognised by employers and universities, allowing students who pass it to progress in their careers or education as desired. The course is assessed via 3 components: 

Reading and Writing unit- assessed via a 2hr written test- 70% of the final grade.

Listening unit – assessed via a 40 min written test- 15% of the final grade.

Speaking Unit- Assessed via a 10-15 minute oral discussion- 15% of the final grade.

(Edexcel) English IGCSE & (CIE) English O’Level:

The level 2 English programme is offered to students who have not yet passed their English GCSE. Students get to sit 2 exams within one year, both paid for by the Department of Education. The exams will be taken in January (Edexcel) and in May (Cambridge). Both courses are fully recognised by employers and universities, allowing students who pass it to progress in their careers or education as desired.

Spanish GCSE

The level 2 Spanish programme is offered to students who have achieved at least a “D” grade in previous sittings or to those with a good level of basic Spanish. The language is studied in relation to everyday activities, personal and social life, the world around us, the world of work and education. Students will learn the skills of Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing.

Spanish A-level

This syllabus follows naturally from GCSE Spanish, combining the four linguistic skills:  Listening, speaking, reading and writing. The skills are practised through the media of text books, TV, listening materials and authentic press sources. Various themes are studied through the medium of Spanish, including social issues and trends together with political and artistic culture. One literary work is studied in the form of a film for the AS and both a film and a book for the A Level.

Arabic GCSE

It is possible for students to sit their Arabic GCSE with us as private candidates. This is not a taught course and students will have to prepare for the exam independently. However, the speaking exam is conducted under the Languages’ Coordinator’s supervision and students are given tasks to prepare for it.

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