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The college prides itself in having good I.T. facilities available for both staff and students. We have various computer full suites (computer-tables only), hybrid classes (some computers and some non-computer tables) and a resource centre that can be accessed by students during College hours. We use software and equipment that is both mandated by requirements of courses that we deliver, as well as what is used out in industry. Therefore IT skills learnt on the College's IT systems can be applied to real-world conditions and employment.

At present, our IT facilities includes the following:

Because of post war changes in the education system, the first students joined the new Dockyard Technical School in 1948 with the Queensway site becoming active in 1949. This was a school in all its sense but during the following years, Dockyard Apprentices start attending.

The 1960s saw great change in the UK's Education system causing developments here too. In 1964, the Dockyard Technical School became the Gibraltar & Dockyard Technical College. It catered for a broader range of subjects at various levels and provided full-time, part-time and day-release courses. It dealt with apprentices, full-time students and technicians. Additionally, the Adult Education programme kicked off too! Up until now, the Gibraltar Government and the M.O.D had met the costs jointly but this too was to change.

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