The college prides itself in having good I.T. facilities available for both staff and students. We have various computer full suites (computer-tables only), hybrid classes (some computers and some non-computer tables) and a resource centre that can be accessed by students during College hours. We use software and equipment that is both mandated by requirements of courses that we deliver, as well as what is used out in industry. Therefore IT skills learnt on the College's IT systems can be applied to real-world conditions and employment.

At present, our IT facilities includes the following:

  • The Resource CentreMicrosoft Windows XP Professional or Microsoft Windows 7 Professional Operating Systems on all computers (older PCs are being phased out).
  • All computers run software used by professionals, including Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Photoshop, Corel Photo Paint, Corel Draw, Microsoft Office and more.
  • All computers protected by SOPHOS Endpoint anti-virus, which is monitored by the main server.
  • Various network servers operating with Microsoft Server operating systems.
  • Approximately 250 Networked PCs plus other standalones within 13 computer suites, Labs and Resource centre.
  • Networked and shared printing facilities, using approximately 30 laser network printers. Newer printers are "duplex" allowing for two-sided printer in order to reduce paper usage.
  • All classrooms and computer suites have digital overhead projectors, electronic Whiteboards or CleverTouch Smart TVs.
  • Students are provided with a secure 'home' folder accessible from any PC in the college - facilitating flexibility during classroom/subject migration.
  • Internet facility with VDSL technology is available from any PC in the College, ensuring fast and reliable Internet.
  • A CleverTouch ScreenTeachers and students make good use of a ‘public’ networked shared folder, where information, exercises, homework and assignments are published by teachers for easy student access at their own time.
  • For our full-time and part-time students the Resource Centre provides facilities that include approximately 35 computers, and both scanning and printing facilities. Two dedicated high-volume HP Laser Printers service the Resource Centre as well as a PhotoCopier for student use.
  • USB support on all computers, allowing the use of data sticks and similar devices.
  • DVD-Writers on most computers
  • Wireless Access Points serving staff laptops and other authorised wireless devices across the college
  • Facebook page for students and interested persons to follow latest news and events.

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