COVID Updates

In the uncertain period we are currently experiencing due to the COVID-19 situation, we will be periodically updating you with info as to changes in exams, events, classes and other things affecting the Gibraltar College.

Please check this category regularly for the latest news.

18/02/2021 - Press Release - Opening of Schools February 2021

01/02/2021 - COVID vaccination to be offered to 16-18 year olds in School and College in Gibraltar

28/01/2021 - Gibraltar College to re-open after midterm, not on Monday 1st February. Please see official HMGoG Press Release here

07/01/2021 - Principal's Message to Parents/Guardians (January 2021: Covid-19 Update and Online Provision)

07/01/2021 - Plans for HMGoG Schools and Educational Setting

07/01/2021 - Contingency Learning Guidelines

23/11/2020 - Covid 19 Policy on Mask Wearing in Schools and Educational Settings

01/09/2020 - Covid 19 Visitor Protocol Document

01/09/2020 - Covid 19 Student Protocol Document


The Gibraltar College has introduced the following measures to mitigate the risk of Covid-19, adhering to current Public Health and Department of Education guidelines. The main purpose is to safeguard the health and safety of both students and staff at the Gibraltar College, creating a safe environment for teaching and learning to take place.

  • Individuals with Covid symptoms should not attend College. They must stay home, self-isolate and call 111.
  • Students must wait in the main patio until 5 minutes before their lesson to make sure there is no congregation in enclosed areas outside classes. If it is raining, students are allowed inside the building, in either covered areas or classrooms.
  • Students walk into the building, keeping to social distance, sanitise their hands and are temperature scanned. This is carried out twice daily at different times to make sure all students’ temperature is checked at least once by the end of the week.
  • Evening classes tutors will temperature scan their learners before their lesson.
  • Teachers ensure students use sanitising gel at the start and end of every lesson.
  • Teachers  will ensure classrooms are well ventilated, with windows and doors to be kept open at all times.
  • If the AC is switched on in IT suites because of equipment overheating, everyone in the room must wear a mask. This is compulsory. Anyone without a mask must leave the classroom.
  • Learners must wipe down keyboards / equipment / tools at the end of every lesson to reduce contamination.
  • Learners must bring their own stationery/ equipment to class. Sharing of stationery is not allowed.
  • Teachers will mark work electronically where possible.
  • The College main building follows a one-way system when entering, transitioning and leaving the premises. In the JMH annexe where this is not possible, students walk directly into classes, keeping to the right in the uncovered corridors / stairway.
  • Students must keep to an assigned seating plan for each lesson.
  • Students and staff must wear masks at all times when on College grounds (see Policy on Mask Wearing in Schools and Educational Settings)

Teachers constantly encourage students to:

  • Wash their hands frequently.
  • Keep to social distancing recommendations.
  • Implement ‘Catch it, bin it, kill it’ strategy.

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