Welcome back students and employers!

The Gibraltar Colelge is very pleased and excited to offer a wide range of continuing education and leisure courses as part of our evening classes programme starting April 2018.

Subject scheduled to be offered can be viewed below. Please note that classes will run provided sufficient students enroll. Days when classes will be held may be subject to change.

 2018 Leisure Courses:


Course Duration



Art: Fine Art 10 Weeks Thur £100
Art: Drawing from Life 10 Weeks Tues £100
Baking: Cakes & Puddings

7 Weeks



Cookery 1 8 Weeks Thur £105
Cookery 2 8 Weeks Tues £105
Foundation in Traditional Chinese Medicine - Five Elements 8 Weeks Wed £95
Glass & Craft 10 Weeks Tues £135
German Beginners 10 Weeks Thurs £100
Indian Head Massage 10 Weeks Mon £100
Introduction to Microsoft Word 10 Weeks Wed £125
Introduction To Microsoft Excel 10 Weeks Tues £125
Italian Conversation 10 Weeks Wed £100
Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction 8 Weeks Thur £95
Morrocan Darija Beginners 10 Weeks Wed £100
Sewing 10 Weeks Tue £120
Spanish Beginners 10 Weeks Wed £100
Spanish Intermediate 10 Weeks Thurs £100
Woodwork 10 Weeks Thur £135



Most courses take place between 6pm and 8pm.

Persons wishing to register for the above courses should do so at the Gibraltar College reception between Tuesday 13th March – Wednesday 21th March 2018 (9am – 3:00 pm).

Classes are scheduled to start week beginning Tuesday 10th April 2018.

You may obtain further information by contacting the Gibraltar College on Tel 200 71048, Downloading our 2017 - 2018 Gibraltar College Prospectus , our Gibraltar College Facebook page or sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Our 2017-2018 Prospectus sets out the terms and conditions under which we provide the courses listed. Please read these carefully and understand that by booking any of the courses, you agree to be bound by these. Please also note that fees will only be refunded if the course the student has enrolled on is cancelled. Fees are not otherwise refundable.

I hope very much that you will choose to study at the Gibraltar College in the near future and we look forward to welcoming you.

Daniel Benrimoj

Professional Courses and Continuing Education Coordinator

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