Understanding Summer Results 2021 - Information to candidates: 

On your candidate statements of results (results slips) and certificates, final grades will be reported in the same way as in previous years.

Final grades will be issued on results day(s) in August as follows:

10/08/2020 - GCE (AS, A Levels) and other Level 3 qualifications

12/08/2020 - GCSE and other Level 1/2 qualifications

Results will be released via email on results day as from 9.30am

Key Points:

  • The grades submitted to the exam boards by the Gibraltar College (TAGs) were agreed following an internal and external quality assurance process and are not the sole responsibility of any individual teacher.
  • It is a rigorous process which means that grades awarded this year are as valid as in any other year.
  • This will allow you to progress to the next stage in the normal way

See below for further information on Results and Appeals:

Policies and  Guidance:

  1. Centre Policy
  2. Gibraltar College Summer 2021 Results and Appeals process
  3. JCQ Guidance for Students and Parents on Summer-2021
  4. Ofqual – Student Guide to awarding summer 2021


New Student Guidance (published 6th August)
JCQ Student Guide Summer 2021 
Summer 2021 Student Handout

  1. JCQ Appeals Guidance: Summer-2021 - Student Information
  2. JCQ Appeals: Stage 1 - Centre Review Form
  3. JCQ Appeals: Stage 2 - Awarding Organisation Form

Exam Entries Form:

  1. A-Level - Form to Request to Sit Exam in Autumn  
  2. GCSE - Form to Request to Sit Exam in Autumn

Post Result Support -  Contact Information:

  • University/ Admissions - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Appeals/Resits for Autumn Examinations - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Any other queries please call 20071048

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